Scout sensors collect radio frequency data, which transmit in real-time to the system's cloud-based central knowledge command centre Atlas 13 for interpretation, tracking and intelligent response.

All data collected is verified through Department 13’s robust drone fingerprint library to detect, identify, attribute and locate drones within and around your site.

Scout forms part of Department 13’s complete drone protection system, delivering total situational awareness live and direct to your operations centre, desktop, tablet and mobile display.

Available September 2022.

Listening and observing 24/7
Up to 5km defence range
Radio frequency and protocol comprehension
Instant and early threat assessment
Radio detection finder
Patent technology

Why Scout?

The combination of radio frequency and protocol comprehension delivers a unique observation ability to detect, identify and attribute and locate drones within Scout’s deployment radius of approximately 5+km.


Radio frequencies are used to detect and identify drone communication listed in the Scout library. Radio frequencies are one of the largest observation ranges detecting drones before they become a threat.

Protocol comprehension attributes and locates the drones and controller providing the operator with actionable data. Where no location data is available, Scout’s integrated radio direction finder provides enhanced location capability through a unique set of algorithms.

Data is available through Atlas 13, providing real time observation and detection, threat assessment and tracking.


Real-time situational awareness of who and what is in your airspace

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