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Who we’re working with – it’s vast, global and generally confidential. So here’s an overview of the types of detailed conversations you can expect from us.

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Defence & Military

Essential systems to aid military and defence operations.

For security reasons, we can’t divulge much about our work in the defence and military sectors. However, what we can say is that our complete ecosystem of counter UAS systems, drone detection and aerial surveillance devices and anti UAV/UAS defence systems is applicable to a whole range of military and defence operations that are in use around the globe today.

Law enforcement

Managing unauthorised drones to ensure law enforcement activities can be carried out unimpeded.

Critical law enforcement operations have the potential to be disrupted by unauthorised airspace incursions from rogue drones and UAVs. Our counter UAV systems can protect against this by working together to identify and locate intruders, giving law enforcement authorities the ability to respond, take over and neutralise threatening UAS and UAVs.

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Critical Infrastructure

Ensuring critical infrastructure is protected.

Ensuring critical infrastructure is monitored and protected from the risk of rogue UAVs and UAS is vital for the ongoing operational capacity of assets like power stations, roads and more. Our anti drone devices and drone detection radar systems are used all over the globe to ensure infrastructure is protected from unwanted industrial drones and aerial surveillance drones.

Prisons & Correctionals

Perimeter monitoring and security systems to counter rogue drones and activity.

With an ever-increasing number of drone-related security incidents around prisons and correctional facilities, counter-drone technology like our Scout13 and Atlas13 system is an essential weapon in the fight against inbound contraband including drugs and weapons. Importantly, our anti drone defense systems can detect and separately identify authorised drone activity such as perimeter monitoring systems, ensuring that only unauthorised activities are neutralised.

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Buildings in city

Government Facilities

Protecting public infrastructure and assets.

Our products and systems are in use around the world protecting critical public infrastructure and assets. Whether it be drones for property surveillance, BVLOS operations, low altitude airspace management, drone management or identification and location of rogue drones, we have the asset protection systems and anti-drone protection systems and technology to ensure public infrastructure remains monitored and protected.

Maritime & Vessels

Drones are becoming more and more important in the maritime and shipping sector for inspection, search and rescue operations and even autonomous delivery, being able to carry out often dangerous inspection tasks without risk to human safety. However, this has also increased unauthorised and undetected rogue drone activity, which can lead to breaches of security with serious consequences and requiring anti drone radar systems.

The maritime sector is now adopting our counter-drone technology, also used in military and law enforcement operations, to ensure the threat of unmanned aerial systems and drones is managed.

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Oil, Mining & Gas Facilities

Protecting your most critical assets from unauthorised drone attacks.

Drones for industrial use are becoming more and more prevalent - used for good and bad. Our systems will work cooperatively and intelligently with your own drones or our own Blackbird product to provide industrial asset protection through surveillance and perimeter monitoring, including identifying, locating and managing unauthorised activity and threats. 

Our airspace and drone management system will detect drone threats in your own low altitude airspace, giving you the ability to respond immediately, taking control of a target drone or controller to neutralise the threat.

Airports & Aviation

Protecting controlled airspace and airports from UAV and UAS threats.

Unauthorised UAVs and UAS’ can have a devastating impact on airspace security, with rogue drones having the ability to shut down major international airports, causing air traffic and airspace control problems and restricting vital access to critical infrastructure. Our airport drone solutions, anti-UAS and counter-drone technology will identify, locate and manage unauthorised activity, supporting air traffic flow management and ensuring airports and aviation infrastructure remains fully operational at all times.


Stadium from a distance


Protecting event infrastructure from rogue drones.

Together, we’ll make sure your infrastructure, events and airspace are protected from unauthorised Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and other Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS) to ensure sporting events, concerts and conferences run smoothly without intruders in the sky.  Our drone detection equipment and anti-drone solutions will identify, locate and manage or disable any unauthorised drones, whilst having the intelligence to recognise and separately detect authorised activity.


Providing 24/7 eyes in the sky to protect private infrastructure and assets.

Just as we supply systems to protect government and critical infrastructure, the need to protect private infrastructure from unauthorised UAV and UAS activity is ever increasing. Whether from a privacy or security point of view, you can rest assured that our ecosystem of products and systems can remotely and autonomously monitor your property and protect assets against the threat of unauthorised drone activity.

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