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We are Department 13

Established over a decade ago by a team of highly regarded military experts, Department 13 applied the laws of physics and advanced patent technologies to create highly intelligent aerial surveillance systems, customised anti-drone protection and counter UAS solutions that monitor and manage the low altitude airspace above restricted areas – protecting critical assets, intellectual property and most importantly, people.

Department 13’s drone detection and defence systems, counter drone solutions, and management and mitigation technologies work ahead of the curve to strategically protect and improve safety, security, efficiency, and automation opportunities - transforming operations across a diverse range of systems, industries, and countries.

Department 13 originated in the US opening its doors to the market in 2010 and was privately acquired by Australian owners in February 2020. 

Since redefining Department 13 into the advanced drone technology commercial entity the new owners and management thought it was always destined to be, the new Australian business relaunched with one employee and now boasts a team of 30+ highly skilled and technical employees who are backed by incredible degrees, experience, honour and valour that would make any Australian proud. 

Rebuilding Department 13 as a global company, with clients across many nations, the official head office is based in the Australian capital city of Canberra and has brought Department 13 home. Developing recognised and trusted sovereign capabilities, the team at Department 13 works in confidence with clients to deliver world-leading counter UAV and UAS technology to government and commercial enterprises that align with Department 13’s vision and mission.


Our vision is to be the world's number one ecosystem for enabling remote machine operations, through unparalleled control and awareness of your autonomous UAS and UAV workforce.


Our mission is to be industry thought leaders who persistently create leading technology and leverage alliances and platforms to enable the operational transformation of commercial and government customers.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our talented and dedicated team members underpin our success in the drone technology market.

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