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Women In Innovation: Joni Sytsma

Canberra Innovation Network interviews Department 13's Chief Technology Officer, Joni Sytsma as part of their Women In Innovation initiative.  

Raised on science fiction, Joni got the tech bug from a young age. Innovation is what drives her and, as she puts it, is how she makes the 'magic happen'. 

"At Department 13 over the last 3 months, I led an Agile R&D program to determine the angle of arrival of radio signals from drones. With a really tight budget, a small crew, and a pandemic holding us back I still managed to plan a tech program and build a hardware and software solution that fully integrates within our existing framework and is ready to be installed in the field, if COVID ever allows us out in the field again! We demonstrated the end-to-end system last week and it worked amazing, and we hope to install it with a customer soon!"

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