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Why drones are the future of search and rescue

Drones could soon be as essential as ambulances when it comes to the future of emergency response missions.

The first responders are now aided by an extra set of eyes in the sky when responding to emergency situations.

According to Mike Johnson, Regional Emergency Management Coordinator for Cumberland County NS, "Drone usage is becoming more and more popular simply because of the costs and time saved. In contrast to putting a helicopter in the air, they are a lot less expensive, and you can attach equipment to a drone that can better serve your needs at a fraction of the cost."

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How Department 13's advanced technology can assist in the commercial industry: 

Our Scout13 capability easily integrates into existing C2 systems and accompanying drone sensor/mitigation platforms, to facilitate more enhanced capabilities.

When Scout13 is combined with a drone management system, it can assist in delivering pre, post and in-flight operational awareness and audit functions, making site safety and audit efficient and simple.

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