Department 13 Leadership

Department 13 Executives

Lee Croft

Chief Executive Officer

Lee Croft is the Chief Executive Officer of Department 13.

Lee has over 20 years’ of experience in the technology arena working with leading international intelligence, cybersecurity, technology and innovation companies.  Lee served the Australian Government and Defence sectors for over 10 years, delivering security solutions and technology advancements to ensure the capability and national character of Australia have been upheld. Prio to this, Lee has an honourable and longstanding military career serving on HM Submarines (SSN & SSBN) and continues to make valuable contributions to the national security and defence arena for The Five Eyes (FVEY) Nations.

Demonstrating a proven track record of achievement in the delivery of cutting edge communication and technologies across the Government and Commercial ICT sectors, Lee is privileged and energised to drive Department 13 into a new era of C-sUAS and cUAS capabilities around the globe.

Lee held the position of Head of National Security & Federal Government for BAE Applied Intelligence prior to joining Department 13.

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Jonathan Hunter

Managing Director

Jonathan Hunter has been with Department 13 since it’s inception and is an expert in counter-drone technology. Having spent 20 years in the defence, federal law enforcement and commercial sectors delivering capabilities to defeat Improvised Explosive Devices, clients appreciate his extensive experience in field and military applications. Jonathan also served as an advisor to the Chinese Olympics, National Academy of Sciences, National Bomb Squad Commanders Advisory Board, and the National Tactical Officers Association.

Jonathan is a former U.S. Army Explosive Ordnance Officer with multiple deployments to Afghanistan and Bosnia. He is a Bronze Star Award recipient for actions in combat.

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Leuk Andersen

Chief Technology Officer

A 25-year career in the information technology industry developing and supporting infrastructure and software solutions for finance, construction and biotechnology, Leuk Andersen is Department 13’s Chief Technology Officer and focused on new technology strategy, innovation and product offerings.

Leuk founded a startup in 2000 that developed bespoke software systems and specialised in mobile application development, consulting and managed services. With a mobile first mentality, the business grew rapidly through the enormous global changes that saw the decline of BlackBerry and the rise of Apple and Android. The business was acquired by Telstra in 2016 to augment their mobile applications and services business.

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Ben McAlister

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer of Department 13, Ben is primarily responsible for finance and treasury operations. Ben also provides strategic oversight including the extensive patent portfolio, mergers and acquisitions.

Ben is a chartered accountant with a wealth of experience across multiple jurisdictions, including the Cayman Islands, United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia. Ben trained with KPMG in Sydney, and has held various executive and director roles within technology businesses over his career. He also has experience with global names such as UBS, Shell, Westpac, Macquarie Airports and Doma Group.