Our Vision & Mission

OUR VISION is to be the worlds number one ecosystem for enabling remote machine operations, through unparalleled control and awareness of your autonomous sUAS and sUAV workforce.

OUR MISSION is to be industry thought leaders who persistently create leading technology, and leverage alliances and platforms to enable the operational transformation of commercial and government customers.


Why the name “Department 13”

During the Cold War, the US practised varying types of intelligence gathering activities and shadow techniques to protect vital secrets and projects. On its most sensitive projects, the US would disguise a project’s purpose by using a fully staffed “shadow department” and publicly call it a non-descriptive name such as ‘Typing Pool 12’ and ‘Paint Shop 22’.
Paying homage to the dedication, commitment, and sacrifice of the people who participated in these projects around the globe, the initial executives of Department 13 named the company after one such shadow department: ‘Department 13’ who conducted technical and strategic works with diversionary tactics to protect sovereign land and assets, and save lives.


Meet Our Team

Department 13 Executives

Lee Croft
Chief Executive Officer

Joni Sytsma
Chief Technology Officer

Jonathan Hunter
Managing Director

Sharon Poole
Executive Officer

Ben McAlister
Chief Financial Officer

Rhianna Harby
Head of Marketing

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Department 13 Management

Steve Shattil
Patent & IP Strategist

Stephen Towner
Delivery Director for APAC & Department 13 Chief Pilot
Daniel Sweeney
Technical Sales Director APAC
Nathan Kook
Lead Engineer
Ben Westgarth
Lead SW
Belinda King
Remote Operations Centre Manager


Department 13 Team

Kannan Krishnan
DIAL Support
Marcus Jackson
Nightingale Support
Michael Hurley
Program Manager