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The Legacy of Afghanistan Is A Future Of Drone Wars

From the perspective of history, the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan may be most significant as the driver of a step-change in drone warfare.

In 2000, the U.S. Air Force and CIA did not have a single armed drone; by the end of 2001 drone strikes had become an important tactic against al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. Since then drone operations have ballooned, and have been used by U.S. forces in many other theatres. Large drones are starting to break out of the counterinsurgency role into more traditional warfighting, and portable tactical drones play an increasingly important role in infantry combat. None of this would have happened without Afghanistan.

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How Department 13's advanced technology could assist in the commercial industry;

  • Department 13’s C-UAS solution MESMER, provides the capability to detect and protect people and assets from airborne threats such as drone bombs.
  • MESMER intelligently listens and identifies drones/drone swarms flying within the airspace enabling users to coordinate incident response processes and forces.
  • MESMER provides the user with the ability to neutralise the drone(s) threat through non-jamming / non-kinetic and safe ‘soft kill’ control mitigations.
  • MESMER is also easily integrated into existing C2 systems and accompanying drone sensor/mitigation platforms to provide more enhanced capabilities. 

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