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The future of drones: the good, bad and ugly



It’s no longer pie in the sky – drones have entered the mainstream. Recreationally and commercially, the uses of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) have rapidly expanded. But while there have been welcome advances in agriculture, aerial photography, product deliveries, even racing, it’s hard to ignore the less glamorous applications.

Invasive applications of drone technology, particularly in policing and surveillance, are creeping into daily life in unassuming ways, according to Senior Research Fellow in the School of the Arts and MediaDr Michael Richardson...

The ugly

Perhaps the most problematic use of a drone is as a tool for suppression, Dr Richardson says. Just the fear of being watched can be enough to deter people from public participation, he says.

“If you think or feel worried that drones are going to be monitoring or recording a crowd, it might deter you from being involved in public protest, for example,” he says.

“We’ve also seen in the US, airspace regulation as a means of controlling who can fly drones, where and when, for instance, allowing private security to use drones but not allowing activists to use drones, so there is a potential disparity in power.”

Reported 29 September 2020 on Read the entire article here.

How Department 13 could assist in the management of narcissistic drones in the sky:

  • Provide government and commercial premises with monitoring and detection of drones in their airspace with Department 13's Atlas and DIAL drone management technologies.
  • Instantly establish the locations and identifying information of the drones and their operators.
  • With our systems in place, we can help protect civilians, staff and commercial assets from narcissistic use of drones.

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