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Soccer match delayed by prohibited drone flight

Soccer fans were left irritated after an English Premier League game was put on pause due to the illegal flight of a drone over the stadium.

The drone was spotted 30 minutes into the match after circling the playing field, then proceeded to hover above the grandstands.

Similar to the recent drone violation at an NFL playoff game, these incidents could have been detected and possibly avoided with the use of our Atlas13 + Scout13 technology. Detect, identify, and locate.

Reported on Drone DJ: Read the entire article here.

How Department 13's advanced technology could assist to recognise and counteract potential threat:

When Department 13’s Atlas and Scout system is combined with a drone management system, they can correlate a live drone with its accredited operator and registered flight mission, to deliver pre, post and in-flight operational awareness and audit functions, making site safety and audit efficient and simple.

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