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Fire at Saudi Arabia oil facility after drone attack

A drone assault on the world’s largest oil-export terminal in Saudi Arabi recently occurred, causing a fire and a brief spike in oil prices. In other reports, a missile was also launched but was intercepted. The incident marks a serious escalation in the country's rebel attacks from the air.

Approximately six drones struck the oil facility in the capital of Riyadh on Friday, igniting a fire at the installation.

Saudi Arabia condemned the attack, saying it targeted ‘the security and stability of the world’s energy supplies.

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How Department 13's advanced technology could assist in the commercial industry;

  • Department 13’s C-UAS solution MESMER, provides the capability for these organisations to detect and protect their critical people and assets from airborne threats such as drones.
  • MESMER intelligently listens and identifies drones/drone swarms flying within the airspace enabling users to coordinate incident response processes and forces.
  • MESMER provides the user with the ability to neutralise the drone(s) threat through non-jamming / non-kinetic and safe ‘soft kill’ control mitigations.
  • MESMER can be easily deployed to fixed Critical Infrastructure sites or in portable deployments to enable increased mobility.
  • MESMER is also easily integrated into existing C2 systems and accompanying drone sensor/mitigation platforms to provide more enhanced capabilities. 

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