Counter Unmanned Aerial System

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Drones are being used for nefarious purposes and can be weaponised to carry or drop dangerous payloads, make illegal deliveries or armed with optics that can conduct reconnaissance missions and survey friendly force movements, or capture a company’s valuable intellectual property.

In malicious or accidental scenarios, drones cause major security and safety concerns when the pilot’s actions are unauthorised in your airspace.

Department 13’s C-UAS and drone defence / UAS detection system Orion13 will detect and help prevent drones from physically harming people and damaging and disrupting critical infrastructure.

Orion13 is in a constantly active state protecting infrastructure and personnel 24/7 from drone incursions.

When Orion13's drone detection sensors find unauthorised drone activities within the secured perimeter, Orion13 automatically identifies the invader, intelligently selects, and applies appropriate strategies to inhibit the threat and can issue an immediate alert to systems or staff. When required, Orion13 can utilise its patent protocol manipulation to take control of a target drone or controller, either automatically or on the operator’s command.

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