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Drone drops contraband package meant for prison dropped onto school grounds

Drugs were dropped from a drone yesterday on the property of Brunswick Academy, a private school in rural Brunswick County, Virginia USA.

Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office says the package, which contained marijuana, tobacco and cellphones, was likely intended for the nearby Lawrenceville Correctional Center. It also weighed about five pounds - which when dropped from a height could have caused serious injury or death on impact.

A spokesperson for GEO group, the private company that runs the jail, said in part “like many correctional facilities across the country Lawrenceville Correctional Center faces challenges related to the use of drones for the introduction of contraband in a correctional setting.”

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How Department 13's advanced technology could assist in the commercial industry 

  • Department 13 can help monitor airspace surrounding prison facilities, with our technology providing early warnings of potential drone threats to the prison security operators.
  • Our drone detection sensor and correlation engine Atlas13 and Scout13 can successfully integrate with existing prison security systems/CCTV in place, meaning there is low technical liability to the corrections facility, enhancing the security architecture.
  • With a range of 4km+ detection, Atlas and Scout combined will give corrective service personnel early warning of drone threats. These alerts give the prison sufficient time to deploy personnel to respond.
  • Atlas and Scout are a low physical and technical footprint on the prison and can be easily integrated.
  • Atlas and Scout can identify and locate a drone's controller, allowing prison personnel to alert local law enforcement to prevent future threats.
  • Department 13's MESMER® can also be integrated (in select countries only) to detect drone threats, take control and land the drone safely.

Contact Department 13 to find out how we can assist your specific requirements. All communications are strictly confidential.  

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