A unique patented drone threat recognition platform embedded into military grade hardware, Orion is a safe and effective defence grade solution that detects, identifies, and mitigates drone activity within a monitored area.

When sensors detect unauthorised drone activities within the secured permitter, Orion automatically identifies the invader, intelligently selects, and applies appropriate strategies to inhibit the threat and can issue an immediate alert to systems or staff. When required, Orion can utilise its patented protocol manipulation to take control of a target drone or controller, either automatically or on the operator’s command.

24/7 Real time eyes in the sky
Defence grade system
Patent technology
Up to 5km defence range
Safely control unauthorised drones
Non kinetic, non jamming mitigation
Orion product by Department 13

Why Orion?

Orion will prevent unauthorised drones from physically harming people, damaging and disrupting critical infrastructure and protect intellectual property. Orion’s patented technology has been developed by highly respected and experienced ex-military personnel who understand the complexity of operations in hostile environments.

Take control of your airspace in the safest, smartest, and most controlled way possible

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