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On duty 24/7, the fully-autonomous Blackbird drone, from leading technology partner Nightingale Security, is a part of Department 13’s product fleet and one of the highest calibre and smartest drones available around the world. It’s customised to seamlessly integrate with Department 13’s operating systems.


Flying scheduled patrols day and night, in rain, snow and dust storms, the Blackbird also automatically responds to alerts, can be airborne in 30seconds, transmit live video feeds, lands, recharges, communicates and reports maintenance needs – all by itself.

Homed in its own protective recharge base station enables a single Blackbird, or multiple Blackbirds, to be strategically located around critical infrastructure as an intelligent security perimeter response team.

Key features







  • Always on duty and mission ready 24/7.
  • Can respond and alert to airspace invaders, humans and vehicle intruders.
  • Alert response airborne in less than 30 seconds.
  • All weather, terrain and endurance tested.
  • Single Blackbird or networked conspiracy fleet.
  • Live video streaming and real-time decision support system.
  • Onboard AI for object recognition and following.
  • Smart data collection and analysis.
  • Industrial and defence grade.
  • Redundancy tag-team effect when low battery interrupts mission.
  • Live command control and intelligent surveillance from anywhere in the world.
  • MRU (Maintenance, Repaid, Upgrade) guarantee.

What are we protecting?

Robotic aerial security provides new perimeter surveillance capabilities, enhances your existing security assets and improves your overall security posture.

The Blackbird can conduct autonomous scheduled patrols of areas of interest within your dedicated perimeter zone and send out alerts when intruders are detected. If an alarm is triggered, Blackbird can also autonomously respond by deploying within 30 seconds to the threat location and stream live video to the security team. Should a major event occur onsite, the Blackbird can be the first responder via a manual deployment and safely provide live footage and monitor events as they unfold on the ground.

Strong, silent, vigilant and ready to respond.
Capable of working alone or as part of a team.
Deployed into harm’s way to keep others safe.

Ready to join your team. How will you use BLACKBIRD?

Why Blackbird?

Having flown tens of thousands of missions, protecting manufacturing facilities, corporate headquarters, rail yards, medical research centres, commercial farms, space and defence manufacturing facilities – the Blackbird has real field experience.

Extreme endurance is the standard inclusion; rain, snow, dust storms, hurricanes, and polar vortices, from the plains of Colorado, to the Deserts of Saudi Arabi – the Blackbird can weather it all.

Smart, innovative and capable, each entity has unique mission requirements that the Blackbird can adapt to and deliver. Collaboration and integration create endless opportunities for AI in conjunction with the human management teams to deliver next level opportunities.


Real-world scenarios Blackbird has or could have assisted in:

    • Pandemic drones help limit the spread of coronavirus
      Australian software being developed could use drones to monitor sneezing and fevers. Drones can play an integral role in innovative projects, however Department 13 prioritises the ‘drones for good’ concept to ensure expert risk management and the correct safeguards are in place. Working with government departments and commercial enterprises around the globe, we understand the importance of the bigger picture.  
    • Drone helps rescue missing hikers
      Technology played an integral role in the safe rescue of two missing hikers in rough terrain. Cell phone pings where used to cordon an area, then a drone conducted aerial surveillance and covered thousands of acres of terrain before search and rescue teams boots even reached the zone.
      From thermal imagery and spot lights to covering massive areas of land quickly when lives depend on it – the abilities of Department 13’s drone fleets is advancing every day to help improve the way we work.
    • Robotic aerial security is changing how businesses operate
      See the Blackbird in action and the vision it can produce. Eyes in the sky 24/7 in any climate for any industry. Department 13 deploys only the highest quality, military grade hardware around the world that can be relied on 24/7.

Why the name Blackbird?

The name Blackbird pays homage to the historic SR-71 Blackbird of the United States Airforce – a strategic reconnaissance aircraft.

How do I purchase Blackbird?

Nightingale Blackbird is available for purchase and will suit a wide range of applications. Department 13 understands the drone economy and client requirements for adaptable and reconfigurable equipment that can be regularly upgraded to manage new drone threats. With every purchase, Department 13 offers software maintenance (with regular software upgrades), and software/hardware renewal options. Department 13 also offers training and servicing options that support a turnkey solution.

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