MESMER Software Update Version 1.8 February 2019

MESMER’s capabilities have been expanded with the release of software version 1.8.  This updated version adds system health, a new software configuration, a new user role, UAS library updates, and a new localization.  The enhancements are a big step forward in functionality and user experience.

System Health Panel

The new system health panel tracks the hardware and software components of MESMER and shows the user information regarding minor or critical system issues. This information can be used for swift troubleshooting to ensure the continuous operation of the MESMER system.

Detect Only Mode

Detect Only Mode utilizes the full capability of MESMER’s detection software, allowing for crucial situational awareness. This capability maintains regulatory compliance in countries with regulatory restrictions. Detect Only Mode is upgradable to mitigation capable software.

Viewer User Role

Admin users are now able to create user roles with a view-only capability, restricting the user’s ability to activate any mitigations. Viewer User Role enables the user to change their own language without changing the default option for personalized accessibility.

UAS Support Library Updates

Additional drone support has been added to the MESMER library for detections, identifications and mitigations.

Korean Language Support

Users now have access to the Korean language mode on MESMER’s user interface.

Enhanced History Screen

Users now have access to preselected or custom timeframes to generate drone detection reports.

Optimized Code

Code has enhanced signal processing and optimized data gathering, which increases the rate and accuracy of detected and identified drones.


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