MESMER Software Update Version 1.7 January 2019

MESMER’s capabilities have been expanded with the release of software version 1.7.  This updated version provides a scalable network-based application programming interface (API) to further integrate with more complex deployment environments.  It also enhances user interactions with new user interface paradigms to provide better situational awareness. 

Application Programming Interface (API)

The API offers greater flexibility in complex deployments, as well as better integration with existing and future systems, and full external control of the software via custom interfaces. Deployment opportunities are maximized through system of systems designed interaction. MESMER now also uses industry standard protocols for a simple and scalable command structure. 

Web Client Enhancements

MESMER now provides better situational awareness by visual communication of active identifications. Identification cards change colors to allow users to understand which drones are actively being detected. Users can also clear identification cards in order to improve threat visibility and maintain a streamlined dashboard.


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