MESMER Software Update Version 1.5 July 2018

As the premier non-jamming, long range, low transmission power, Counter UAS Defense System, MESMER’s capabilities have been expanded with the release of software version 1.5. This updated version adds a completely new user experience providing users with incredible system control and a clear understanding of their operational deployment. As with each new MESMER software release, version 1.5 provides users with an expanded CUAS library of mitigations that neutralize the latest drone threats.

Web-based Interface

MESMER’s updated web-based interface contains optimal solutions for user control. It enables fast multi-node deployment for extended range and synchronization of multi-user interactions across multiple devices and MESMER nodes. MESMER’s new interface has now incorporated color-coded visualization of identifications, mitigations, and sensors for fast and simple situational awareness. This version provides new viewing options, as well, and works with all major operating systems and web browsers. 

Flexible Mapping

Incorporated into the new interface, MESMER now allows mapping for users with or without Internet access and displays maps that are scalable, moveable, and displayed in real-time. 

UAS Library Support

MESMER’s updated UAS Library Support offers increased identification and mitigation support for users. There are new mitigations available for recently released drone models. With this software release, MESMER offers more complete coverage of new and exciting additions to the drone market. MESMER is not limited to a certain drone model or type but is constantly updated to detect and identify new drones that are produced.