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MESMER® Software Update Version 1.13 November 2019

MESMER continues to expand its capabilities with the release of software version 1.13. This
updated version offers the ability for the MESMER unit to provide its own location. In addition,
identified drones that support location will now be able to be viewed on the history page.
MESMER’s detection library has also been updated to support new models

MESMER can now use built in hardware to provide the location of the unit. Taking advantage of
existing hardware with the addition of an off the shelf GPS antenna, users can now select an
option for MESMER to provide the GPS assisted geolocation of the unit removing the need for a
manual entry of coordinates.

Drone Location History
In order to support the need for historical knowledge of the location of detected drones,
MESMER now provides an enhanced experience that shows the location of a location
supported drone over time. The History page now gives the user the ability to see an
exhaustive visualization of the path of a drone, its controller, and its home point. In addition,
the map can be zoomed and adjusted to give the user a full perspective of the location as
tracked by MESMER.

UAS Library Additions
As the drone market grows, so does MESMER’s detection library. With the addition of new
protocols and support for new devices, MESMER now supports every major device from the
most popular drone manufacturer.


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