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MESMER Software Update Version 1.12 September 2019

MESMER continues to expand its capabilities with the release of software version 1.12. This
updated version offers enhanced user management, with new pages and rules on the web
client. Password recovery has also been added for ease of use. MESMER’s latest update
includes improved differentiation between detections and identifications, increased library
support, and international WiFi support, as well.

Detections vs. Identifications
MESMER will now show UAS detections with a blue activity card when MESMER is able to confirm
the presence of one or more UAS that operate within a certain protocol, such as DJI Lightbridge
Downlink. MESMER will continue to display red activity cards for UAS identifications, in the event
that MESMER can differentiate and select a single drone component among many, such as with
a unique identifier.

UAS Library Support
MESMER’s library continues to add more support for detections, identifications, and
mitigations, for a large percentage of the market.

UAS Management
A new web client page, UAS Management, has been added to allow operators to add and
remove drones from a whitelist or blacklist, using the unique ID MESMER records and the drone
model, as well as manage nicknames for drones and sensors. Through this page, operators can
also schedule whitelist and blacklist rules to be enforced at a future date and time.

Nicknames for Sensors & Drones
Operators can assign nicknames for both sensors and drones. Assigning a nickname will cause the nickname to be shown on activity cards for quick and easy recognition.

Password Recovery
MESMER continues to increase usability by adding an email-based password reset feature for operators who forget their passwords.

Increased Location Display
MESMER adds the ability to display the UAV Home Point and Remote Pilot’s location, along with the drone’s location, when this data is available. This increased detection logic now allows for more precise labeling.


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