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MESMER Software Update Version 1.10 May 2019

MESMER’s capabilities have been expanded with the release of software version 1.10.  This updated version adds new mitigation options, a new user role, an alert system, and several user interface enhancements.  This release gives users great options to control and maintain awareness of their airspace.

Expanded ‘Land in Safe Zone’ Support

A whole new group of drones has been given the ability to land in a designated “safe zone” expanding the capability to a set of very popular drones.

Email Alerts

Users can now receive real-time and periodic alerts providing awareness needed to maintain control of their airspace.

Enhanced Security

With the strengthening of user password requirements and addition of CAPTCHA protection, user credentials are safer than ever.

Network Configuration

Administrators can now change the network settings of the unit directly from the Administration page, making it easier to manage MESMER.

New User Role: Administrator

‘Admin’ can now be selected as a role when creating a new user, allowing for multiple MESMER administrators.

System Health Enhancement

The System Health interface has been updated to be more easily read and understood.  Now with collapsible groups, users can view exactly the information they are looking for.


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