Map13 is a mobile (portable) drone threat recognition platform designed for rapid, short stay and discrete deployments. With a range of modes, the product works to detect unauthorised drones leading to automatic and manual mitigations.

Utilising Department 13’s drone threat database, Map13 enables users to monitor for drones and controllers in their immediate airspace and if needed, safely and effectively defeat the threat.

Map13 is non-jamming and non-kinetic and does not include dangerous goods (including lithium batteries).

Detection only mode
Auto-mitigation mode
Manual mitigation mode
Rapid deployment
Designed for discrete deployment environments
Low electronic warfare (EW) signature

Why Map13?

Map13 assists in the detection and management of unauthorised drones entering monitored airspace and helps protect people, sites and assets.

When you require portable and mobile air protection for small teams and specialist operations conducting short stay and rapid missions, Map13 is the reliable solution.

Monitor for drones and controllers – safely and effectively

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