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Department 13 joins country’s peak industry association in the defence and security sectors, the Australian Industry & Defence Network

  • Advanced drone technology and solutions company Department 13 joins Australia’s leading industry association for defence and security orientated SMEs. The Australian Industry & Defence Network connects the defence and security sectors national and international leaders.
  • Department 13’s innovative technology and advanced capabilities are being well received by the bodies key decision and policy-makers.

Department 13 has placed its industry-leading advanced drone technology in front of global defence and security sectors after being recognised as a member of the Australian Industry & Defence Network (AIDN).

It marks yet another milestone for the Australian drone technology company since it re-launched earlier this year to service government, private and public sector enterprises.

Department 13 will tap into AIDN’s vast network of leaders in the defence and security space to promote its technology that has made it one of the world’s most reputable and reliable providers of advanced drone technology systems.

Well known for its flagship counter-drone technology system Mesmer, Department 13 has recently introduced its new range of product including DIAL sensors, Atlas cloud-based software and Nightingale drones.

The AIDN works with State bodies and Federal government departments - including the Department of Defence and the Department of Industry, Science and Resources - and acts as a focal point for defence industry interaction with Australia's base of smaller defence companies.

Department 13 chief executive officer Lee Croft said membership of AIDN was a huge step forward that would allow the company to showcase its ground-breaking development of drone technology and the cutting-edge systems that operate them.

“We are incredibly proud of the advancements and innovative solutions our team has been able to achieve for our customers over the past decade,” he said.

“Our turn-key drone systems are helping our clients improve security, safety and efficiency across a broad range of industries. From mining to agriculture to general premise security.

“We are very excited to now be part of AIDN, which will give us greater access to industry specific resources and information here in Australia and overseas.

“It’s an opportunity to secure direct contact with defence and defence prime contractors and initiatives and show them just how far we have been able to push our patented drone technology.”

Department 13, founded in Maryland in the US more than a decade ago, established its new headquarters and APAC operations in Canberra earlier this year.

Combining business intelligence with its unrivalled track record of customised technology solutions, Department 13 technology and its capabilities improve safety, security and automation opportunities across a wide range of industries and operating systems.

Department 13 is also a member of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), the world’s largest non-profit organisation dedicated to the integrity and development of unmanned systems, and holds all the appropriate approvals and compliances from key airspace regulatory bodies.

To find out how Department 13 technology can assist your industry or specific requirements, contact us for an initial confidential discussion. 

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