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ASX Releases

20/08/2018Appendix 3X - M JakemanDownload
20/08/2018Change of Company SecretaryDownload
20/08/2018Issuance of Tranche 2 of Convertible NotesDownload
20/08/2018Appendix 3BDownload
13/08/2018Directorship ChangesDownload
09/08/2018Appendix 3BDownload
06/08/2018Release of Shares from Voluntary EscrowDownload
31/07/2018Appendix 4C - quarterlyDownload
31/07/2018Activities Update & June Quarterly CashflowDownload
31/07/2018Change of Share Registry ProviderDownload
18/07/2018Release of shares from escrowDownload
17/07/2018$4m Commitments to Tranche 2 Note IssuanceDownload
09/07/2018Appendix 3BDownload
29/06/2018First Repeat Purchase OrderDownload
21/06/2018D13 Wins Cash Prize in Final Round of ThunderDrone IIDownload
08/06/2018Voluntary Escrow of 200m Management and Founder's sharesDownload
18/05/2018Results of MeetingDownload
18/05/2018Details of Company AddressDownload
15/05/2018D13 Selected for Final Round of ThunderDrone IIDownload
03/05/2018Exclusive South Korean Distribution Agreement SignedDownload
30/04/2018Appendix 4C - quarterlyDownload
30/04/2018Activities Update & March Quarterly CashflowDownload
18/04/2018Notice of General Meeting/Proxy FormDownload
22/03/2018D13 completes $7m Tranche 1 Capital RaiseDownload
22/03/2018Appendix 3BDownload
22/03/2018Reinstatement to Official QuotationDownload
21/03/2018D13 Acquires Carrier Interferometry Patent PortfolioDownload
20/03/2018March 2018 Trading UpdateDownload
14/03/2018Appendix 3X - S ShattilDownload
12/03/2018Director Appointment - Steve ShattilDownload
09/03/2018Extension of Voluntary SuspensionDownload
05/03/2018Suspension From Official QuotationDownload
01/03/2018Trading HaltDownload
28/02/2018Half Yearly Report and AccountsDownload
09/02/2018Appendix 3BDownload
05/02/2018Placement of up to $12m in Convertible NotesDownload
01/02/2018Trading HaltDownload
31/01/2018Appendix 4C - quarterlyDownload
31/01/2018First Positive Operating Cash Flow QuarterDownload
24/01/2018Change of Company SecretaryDownload
18/01/2018Response to ASX QueryDownload
18/01/2018Reinstatement to Official QuotationDownload
15/01/2018Suspension from Official QuotationDownload
08/01/2018D13 and Raytheon team to provide counter-drone technologiesDownload

Current Investor Presentations and Reports

D13 Equity Research 01.19.2018-Noble Capital Markets Report

D13 Investor Presentation October 2017

D13 Initiation 27.09.2017-Henslow Research Report

D13 Equity Research 9.26.2017-Noble Capital Markets Report

April 4, 2016: Rise of the Robots, by DJ Carmichael – Download PDF

March 31, 2016: Fighting off the Rise of the Drones, by DJ Carmichael – Download PDF

Department 13 Original Prospectus

Department 13 Prospectus – 21-03-2018

Department 13 Prospectus – 19-09-2015


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D13 Anti-Bribery Policy as of 2017.07.067

Investor Relations

Notice of General Meeting – 13 July 2017

Notice of Special Meeting – 13 July 2017

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