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ASX Releases

Date Title
14/12/2017 Additional MESMER Sales & Update Download
29/11/2017 Response to ASX Appendix 4C Query Download
28/11/2017 Results of Meeting Download
28/11/2017 D13 Annual General Meeting 2017 Download
16/11/2017 Escrow, Trading Update & Award Download
31/10/2017 Appendix 4C - quarterly Download
30/10/2017 Exclusive India Based Distribution Agreement Signed Download
27/10/2017 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form Download
25/10/2017 Patent that Improves Power Efficiency of 5G Systems Download
25/10/2017 Patent for Airborne Radio and 5G Networks Download
23/10/2017 October 2017 Investor Presentation Download
17/10/2017 Appointment of Sundeep Patel as CFO Download
12/10/2017 Update on Sales to Latin American Federal Prison Operator Download
10/10/2017 First MESMER sales to Latin American Federal Prison Operator Download
03/10/2017 D13 partners with University of Michigan - Dearbon Download
02/10/2017 US Patent for Scheduling Resources in Cloud Networks Download
29/09/2017 Annual Report to shareholders Download
29/09/2017 Initiation of coverage Download
29/09/2017 Appendix 4G & Corporate Governance Statement Download
20/09/2017 Patent for 5G Cellular & Beyond Line of Site Drone Networks Download
31/08/2017 First Shipment of MESMER 1.5 & FY17 Results Download
21/08/2017 MESMER 1.5 First Production Articles Download
04/08/2017 Change of Director's Interest Notice Download
03/08/2017 Change of Director's Interest Notice x 4 Download
03/08/2017 Appendix 3B Download
31/07/2017 Appendix 4C - quarterly Download
17/07/2017 Appendix 3Y - T Davies Download
06/07/2017 Appendix 3Z Download
14/06/2017 Board Update Download
13/06/2017 Cancellation of Performance Shares Download
13/06/2017 Notice of General Meeting Download
13/06/2017 Notice of Special Meeting Download
07/06/2017 New Patent - Intrusion Detection, Radio Fingerprint Tracking Download
30/05/2017 Multi MESMER System Sale Download
29/05/2017 MESMER sale to South East Asia Based Customer Download
25/05/2017 Investor Webinar Time Changed to 15.00 AEST Download
23/05/2017 D13 presents at Goldman Sachs TechNet Conference Download
19/05/2017 Department 13 Investor Webinar Download
12/05/2017 Completion of $5.5m oversubscribed placement Download
12/05/2017 Appendix 3B Download
08/05/2017 Appendix 3X - T Davies Download
04/05/2017 Reinstatement to official quotation Download
04/05/2017 D13 raises $5.5m to accelerate sales strategy Download
03/05/2017 Suspension from official quotation Download
01/05/2017 Trading Halt Download
01/05/2017 Corporate commentary on the March quarterly Appendix 4C Download
28/04/2017 Appendix 4C - quarterly Download
20/04/2017 Department 13 receives new US Patent Download
11/04/2017 First Australian MESMER sale Download
10/04/2017 Trading Halt Download
29/03/2017 D13 to exhibit MESMER at Milipol Asia-Pacific 2017 Download
22/03/2017 D13 CEO presented to Starburst Accelerator Conference Download
16/03/2017 D13 MESMER technology licensed to Booz Allen Hamilton Download
13/03/2017 D13 completes operational tests in Australia Download
28/02/2017 Half Yearly Report and Accounts Download
20/02/2017 US Department of Commerce clears MESMER for export Download
01/02/2017 D13 to speak at APEX 2017 Conference Download
31/01/2017 Appendix 4C - quarterly Download
23/01/2017 D13 launches MESMER version 1.0 Counter Drone Solution Download

April 4, 2016: Rise of the Robots, by DJ Carmichael – Download PDF

March 31, 2016: Fighting off the Rise of the Drones, by DJ Carmichael – Download PDF

Department 13 Original Prospectus

Department 13 Prospectus

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Notice of General Meeting – 13 July 2017

Notice of Special Meeting – 13 July 2017

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