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Firefighter Drones – How Drones are Being Used for Helping Fire Departments

While drones continue to get much smaller, more powerful, and have better payload options, one thing that will stay the same is its ability to quickly reach a vantage point where humans cannot easily get access to. This remote controlled or even autonomous flying platforms can be used to make people's jobs easier and more efficient through better information gathering and surveying. Firefighter Drones are sent to fire locations as scouts, using cameras with thermal imaging technology to help first responders in their rescue efforts.

Drones can be equipped with thermal cameras to see in the low light-dark conditions, detect irregularities on various infrastructure ie. solar panels, inspect insulation on buildings, and even check for hot spots in burning buildings.

For public safety having a drone in the sky during an active large fire, search & rescue operation, or post-fire assessment is the only way to get a full understanding of the current conditions and to ensure the safety of the fire team.

In a chaotic structure fire, having a drone that is easily able to be deployed to reach a viewpoint above the fire allows for valuable information to be gathered about the current fire conditions. With greater visual and data information better decisions can be made, especially when dealing with fires where people's lives and property are at stake. From wildland firefighting to burning buildings thermal drones can see through smoke and dark to detect the hotspots are and where the crew is. It is this type of technological leverage that can really mean the difference between more property damage to greater loss of life.

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How Department 13's advanced technology could assist in the commercial industry; 

  • Provide government and commercial premises with monitoring and detection of drones in their airspace with Department 13's Atlas and DIAL drone management technologies.
  • Instantly establish the locations and identifying information of the drones and their operators.
  • With our systems in place, we can help protect civilians, staff and commercial assets from narcissistic use of drones.

To find out how Department 13 technology can assist your industry or specific requirements, contact us for an initial confidential discussion. 

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