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Drone applications in the oil and gas industry: Key trends revealed

Department 13 drone technology

Drone adoption in the oil and gas industry initially revolves around strategic deployments for remote monitoring and surveillance of assets during regular operations and in emergency situations.

Drones are primarily used in the oil and gas industry for remote monitoring and surveillance. This covers infrastructure, equipment, tankers and trucks, and other assets. Drones can provide a 360-degree view for monitoring field operations. They can also observe the progress of facilities that are under construction, and provide encroachment detection. Remote monitoring using drones is also enabling oil and gas companies to inspect unmanned production platforms.

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How Department 13's advanced technology can assist in the commercial industry: 

Our Scout13 capability easily integrates into existing C2 systems and accompanying drone sensor/mitigation platforms, to facilitate more enhanced capabilities.

When Scout13 is combined with a drone management system, it can assist in delivering pre, post and in-flight operational awareness and audit functions, making site safety and audit efficient and simple.

Department 13 are the industry thought leader for sUAS and counter sUAV technology. To find out how Department 13 technology can assist your industry or specific requirements, contact us for an initial confidential discussion.

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