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Department 13’s advanced drone technology takes off with AUVSI



  • Advanced drone technology company Department 13 joins world’s biggest drone organisation - the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI).
  • Evolution of the fast-growing drone industry creates new product development and collaboration opportunities for Department 13.


Department 13 has taken a major leap forward in being recognised as one of the most reputable and reliable providers of advanced drone technology systems to global markets by joining the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI).

Department 13 Chief Executive Officer Lee Croft said the company’s affiliation with AUVSI would be invaluable to sharing industry knowledge and innovative ideas whilst tapping into new markets.

“Joining AUVSI will help showcase Department 13 and its innovative sUAS and counter sUAS solutions and patented technology to leading industries and enterprises,” Mr Croft said.

“We want to propel the rapidly-evolving drone technology industry forward and what better way to do that than with industry professionals that genuinely want to achieve similar drone for good outcomes.

Mr Croft said joining AUVSI would also give Department 13 the opportunity to help advocate for policies and regulations that support the fast-changing industry.

AUVSI is the world’s largest non-profit organisation dedicated to the integrity and development of unmanned systems. Its members include corporations, professionals and academics across 60 countries working to propel innovation and introduce drones in the fields of defence, civil and commercial industries.

This year Department 13 opened a new office in Canberra to bring its industry-leading turn-key drone systems and solutions to Australia’s commercial and government sectors.

Combining business intelligence with its exceptional track record of customised drone technology solutions, Department 13 has reimagined its reputable MESMER drone detection and mitigation system – that was only available for government and defence force use – into a first-class ecosystem of global and commercially viable products and services.

Now providing a complete range of turn-key solutions for enterprises from hardware and software, to compliance and training, Department 13 is improving the safety, security and efficiency of businesses across a wide range of industries, revolutionising the way they operate and developing new automation opportunities.

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