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Department 13 successfully deploys MESMER C-sUAS platform to Indian Government

Department 13 successfully deploys MESMER C-sUAS platform to Indian Government amid COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Department 13’s MESMER counter drone technology is assisting the Indian Government with the management of unauthorised drone activities in key operation areas.
  • Services deployed required comprehensive field testing, training and government approvals onsite in India.
  • A collaborative international program of works by Department 13, Shastra Corporation and Indian authorities managed the seamless delivery.

In July of 2020, Department 13 successfully completed onsite field testing and training to officially deliver the latest deployment of its award-winning interdiction and counter drone technology MESMER to the Indian government.

Department 13’s Indian based distributor, Shastra Corporation, successfully tendered to supply the Indian government with Department 13’s C-sUAS platform MESMER and provided rigorous infield testing and compliance to exceed approval requirements from industry and government regulators.

Lee Croft, Chief Executive Officer of Department 13, said “we are honoured to be helping the government in India manage sUAS threats to their national security, infrastructure and people”.

“I am incredibly proud of this deployment as the Indian government had unique requirements and project sensitives, plus we delivered onsite in India at the height of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“We stood shoulder to shoulder with our client and went above and beyond for our distributor to ensure we successfully delivered. My team was in India for an extended period of time and despite COVID-19 implications, we got the job done efficiently and safely” Mr Croft said.

“Deployed in a harsh region of India, both geographically and environmentally, MESMER is exceeding the Indian governments' performance expectations with sUAS detections and mitigations beyond five kilometres from their points of installation” he said.

Reserved for government and defence applications, MESMER is a world-leading counter drone management and mitigation platform.

Click here for more information on MESMER.

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