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Department 13 puts latest sUAS technology advancements to the test at leading international unmanned technology expo AUVSI Xponential Atlanta.  

  • The Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International event will showcase Department 13’s new sUAS and drone management capabilities to global delegates.
  • Department 13 to launch new sUAS product series, Scout13, Atlas13 and Blackbird-C, as part of reimagined airspace management ecosystem.
  • Leaders from the unmanned industry will experience first-hand the latest technology advancements in Department 13’s ecosystem of unmanned innovation, from AI and sensors, to airspace traffic management and threat intelligence.

Unmanned technology industry leaders from around the globe will congregate at the world’s most respected industry expo, AUVSI Exponential 2021, and be the first to see demonstrations of Department 13’s new product releases Scout13 and Atlas13.

The Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) will host the event from Tuesday 17 August to Thursday 19 August 2021, in Atlanta Georgia USA. The event will see technologists and policymakers of the highest calibre put Department 13’s products through some of the hardest theoretical tests to solve problematic scenarios across a range of industries, including government, defence, security and commercial enterprise.

Department 13 chief executive Lee Croft said Xponential 2021 is about engaging with key industry players from a range of sectors - we want to see what everyone else is doing, and we want them to see what we’re doing – we’re now taking sUAS capabiltiies to the next level.

“Xponential Atlanta is particularly exciting for us this year. We are launching some of our latest products - Scout13, Atlas13, and Blackbird-C - which will ensure we continue our lead in the unmanned technology arena, and further cement our proven track record in demonstrating technology superiority in our drone, counter-drone and surveillance systems” said Mr Croft.

New to Department 13’s product group, Scout13 is an intelligent drone sensor system providing unparalleled situational awareness for commercial, government and military applications, including drone detection, identification, attribution and location.

Atlas13 is the new software user interface (UI) that Scout13 and Mesmer will talk to, constantly feeding detection data into the system to enable the most efficient drone detections and best practice airspace management and compliance.

Blackbird-C is the latest sUAV from Nightingale Security. It is a smaller transportable version of the Blackbird drone, which is improving the opportunity for faster response mobile surveillance operations.

The low altitude airspace management solutions are part of Department 13’s broader, full spectrum ecosystem of unmanned innovation designed to detect, protect and operate at elite levels surrounding autonomous reconnaissance, security and surveillance.

The ecosystem also includes longstanding industry leader in defence grade counter-unmanned aerial system Mesmer , and the fully-autonomous Nightingale Blackbird drones.

Department 13 has integrated a number of other leading partners within the sUAS industry, to bolster their ecosystem into a truly intelligent turn-key drone and airspace management system, which can be installed and managed from anywhere around the globe.

To find out how Department 13 technology can assist your industry or specific requirements, contact us for an initial confidential discussion. 

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