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Partnership with Lockheed Martin strengthens Australia's sovereign capabilities 

Department 13 is proud to have partnered with Lockheed Martin Australia’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Leadership and Research Laboratory (STELaRLab), as a key technology partner, to develop Agile Shield – an integrated system, designed to detect and defeat improvised threats in a complex environment. 

This recent demonstration of Agile Shield at the state-of-the-art Endeavour Centre in Canberra is indicative of the collaborative nature of the industry in supporting the Australian Defence Force and similar defence orientated government departments, engaging Australian-sovereign capbilities. 

STELaRLab’s work on Agile Shield demonstrates the art-of-the-possible, and the role innovative, cross-disciplinary research and development can play in helping Australia face the biggest security challenges of the future. 

Read more about the project, here.

Lockheed Martin Australia’s STELaRLab partnered with DSTG and local industry to complete a successful demonstration of the Agile Shield improvised threat detection system at the state-of-the-art Endeavour Centre in Canberra.

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