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Department 13 inks deal with Booz Allen Hamilton

INSIDE DEFENSE: Department 13 inks deal with Booz Allen Hamilton
Department 13 International, the maker of a counter-drone software system, said this month Booz Allen Hamilton has licensed its system for potential inclusion in military prototype demonstrations.
“The technology was procured solely to enable Booz Allen to demonstrate and enhance its general technical expertise and understanding of the challenges and threats presented by UAS and will not be used by Booz Allen for developmental purposes,” the company said.
Jonathan Hunter, chief executive of Department 13, told Inside Defense the deal builds on a non-exclusive, mutual marketing agreement signed last year.
“The value from our side is they have an ability and a name that we don’t,” he said. “Their brand is bigger.”
Counter-drone systems have increasingly gained attention. Battelle, for instance, has released a man-portable counter-UAS defeat system, while MITRE Corp. last year hosted a challenge focused on detecting and interdicting small drones.

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