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Department 13 enters Australian airspace to deliver drone management excellence.

Department 13’s Australian team of technology and product experts; Daniel Sweeney, David Parkes, Lee Croft (CEO), and Stephen Towner.


  • Drone technology innovators, Department 13, establish new Canberra head office and Australian executive team to manage APAC demand.
  • Department 13’s advanced military counter drone technology, MESMER®, transformed into a commercial drone management system.
  • Revolutionary real-time drone awareness and management solutions set a new industry standard of self-policing, risk management and compliance.

A long-time leader in delivering innovative defence anti-drone systems, Department 13 has restructured its global operations and transformed its award-winning MESMER counter drone product into a powerful turn-key commercial small unmanned aerial system (sUAS) solution focussed on real-time situational awareness and management of drones.

After a change of hands in the US during 2019, Department 13 has relaunched this week under new ownership, with a new executive team and new innovative range of products and services. The new Australian head office will focus on Asia Pacific opportunities whilst strengthening the North American state-side team ¬where the company originated from over a decade ago.

Recently appointed Chief Executive Officer, Lee Croft, who is based in Canberra and has an extensive background in technology and serving the Australian government and defence sectors, is responsible for the company’s change in direction and explains “we could see the opportunity for our counter sUAS technology to be used for an alternate and equally noble cause”.

“The new vision is helping enterprises manage and utilise drones safely for commercial good instead of purely focusing on military counter drone activities” said Mr Croft.

“It’s a bit of a wild west out there, only two days ago NSW corrective services stopped a drone allegedly dropping drugs into a maximum security jail. Here in Canberra there were similar concerns earlier this month. We want to help bring some order, real-time visibility and real compliance to low altitude airspace situational awareness” he said.

This year Department 13 will launch an entirely new drone management ecosystem starting with the delivery on a range of unique client requirements across multiple industries. Connecting real-time situational awareness to compliance platforms and delivering autonomous aerial vehicle systems to the Australian market.

The combinations of services and products being released will enable customised robust low risk solutions for almost any commercial sUAS requirement.

“Completely based around our customers’ requirements and using the best products and technologies available – from the superb Nightingale Security drones, to our MESMER monitoring software, Atlas management system and new DIAL sensors – we are delivering powerful and efficient end-to-end result for our clients.

“We will continue to develop our military and government product MESMER, and at the same time progress opportunities that deliver to the needs of the enterprise market. If you need to understand what is happening in the airspace above your critical infrastructure, stadiums, commercial or government assets - we can help” said Mr Croft.

“Here to serve at any time, my team of ‘Red Barons’ across the globe are sUAS experts in counter drone and commercial sUAS activities – and this is just the beginning” Mr Croft said.

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