Top 5 autonomous security drones you should know in 2019

  Until recently, protecting large areas like farm fields or mining areas required the use of several security cameras and lots of patrolling guards. While this has been effective for many customers, the costs associated with such a complex setup are quite high. This is especially true of manned guards as labor costs are always…
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Near misses between planes, drones on the increase

Drones may look like toys, but they can be dangerous. Experts say a drone could even take down a plane. Action News Investigates found that the number of close calls between planes and drones is increasing in western Pennsylvania and around the country. Pilot Howard Pierce, of Wexford, was flying his small plane over Butler…
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Drone near-miss sparks concern at airport

Officials at Windsor’s airport are expressing great concern over a single-engine plane’s near-miss with a drone as the plane was taking off, and are urging anyone with information on the drone to call police. The encounter happened while the plane, a local flying club’s single-engine Diamond DA 20-C1 (C-GGMV), belonging to Journey Air, was taking…
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BA jet carrying 300 passengers from Heathrow to Abu Dhabi came within 20ft of smashing into an illegally flown drone while flying at 6,000ft shortly after take-off, report reveals

A British Airways jet carrying up to 300 passengers came within 20ft of smashing into an illegally flown drone, a report revealed today. The dramatic near miss is believed to have been the closest ever near miss between a BA jet and a drone. The B777 jet had the close call while flying at around…
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Saudi Arabia says its oil pipeline was hit by drones

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — An oil pipeline that runs across Saudi Arabia was hit by drones Tuesday west of its capital of Riyadh, the Saudi energy minister said, shortly after rebels in Yemen claimed they carried out coordinated drone strikes against the kingdom. The attacks followed reports of sabotage against oil tankers in the…
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