Fire at Saudi Arabia oil facility after drone attack

A drone assault on the world’s largest oil-export terminal in Saudi Arabi recently occurred, causing a fire and a brief spike in oil prices. In other reports, a missile was also launched but was intercepted. The incident marks a serious escalation in the country’s rebel attacks from the air. Approximately six drones struck the oil…
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Prisons struggle to swat drug-smuggling drones

Prison authorities are fighting off an aerial invasion by drones being used to smuggle drugs and other contraband into Victorian jails while the system has been in lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic. The airdrops, containing packages of pharmaceutical-grade narcotics and street drugs such as heroin, have kept the jailhouse drug market alive after a ban…
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The future of drones: the good, bad and ugly

    It’s no longer pie in the sky – drones have entered the mainstream. Recreationally and commercially, the uses of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) have rapidly expanded. But while there have been welcome advances in agriculture, aerial photography, product deliveries, even racing, it’s hard to ignore the less glamorous applications. Invasive applications of…
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Scaling new safety heights with fixed-wing drone technology

Ames Construction, one of the largest family-owned general contractors in the US, has significantly improved the safety and accuracy of its surveying at a copper mining site in Arizona using technology from senseFly, a leader in fixed-wing drones. By using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Ames Construction can now generate detailed 3D imagery of the pit…
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