Why some first responders want to change the drone rules — and why not everyone agrees

Calls emerge to update federal ‘line-of-sight’ regulations to assist in some emergencies In 2019, the federal government adopted a wide range of strict regulations governing the use of drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), in Canadian airspace — rules that applied to both professionals and hobbyists. Among the regulations: drones would, unless an exemption was granted, have…
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Why drones are the future of search and rescue

              Drones could soon be as essential as ambulances when it comes to the future of emergency response missions. The first responders are now aided by an extra set of eyes in the sky when responding to emergency situations. According to Mike Johnson, Regional Emergency Management Coordinator for Cumberland…
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Drone applications in the oil and gas industry: Key trends revealed

Drone adoption in the oil and gas industry initially revolves around strategic deployments for remote monitoring and surveillance of assets during regular operations and in emergency situations. Drones are primarily used in the oil and gas industry for remote monitoring and surveillance. This covers infrastructure, equipment, tankers and trucks, and other assets. Drones can provide…
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High hopes for drones seeking clues of past crimes

Department 13 volunteers cutting-edge assistance to search for potential evidence in some of the ACT’s long-standing unsolved murders and disappearances. Like something out of a sci-fi film, the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology of Department 13 has the capability to assist in new ways in old investigations. This could include that of 20-year-old Keren Rowland,…
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The Legacy of Afghanistan Is A Future Of Drone Wars

From the perspective of history, the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan may be most significant as the driver of a step-change in drone warfare. In 2000, the U.S. Air Force and CIA did not have a single armed drone; by the end of 2001 drone strikes had become an important tactic against al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. Since…
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Fire From the Sky: The Afghan Taliban’s Drones

  The Taliban have been weaponizing commercially available drones into their arsenal for some time. SAYED KARAM, PAKTIA, AFGHANISTAN —  While the Taliban have since at least 2016 used camera-equipped commercial drones to film propaganda footage, it was, as far as it could be determined, only in early October 2020 that they began to use such…
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Fire at Saudi Arabia oil facility after drone attack

A drone assault on the world’s largest oil-export terminal in Saudi Arabi recently occurred, causing a fire and a brief spike in oil prices. In other reports, a missile was also launched but was intercepted. The incident marks a serious escalation in the country’s rebel attacks from the air. Approximately six drones struck the oil…
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