Department 13 enters Australian airspace to deliver drone management excellence.

  Drone technology innovators, Department 13, establish new Canberra head office and Australian executive team to manage APAC demand. Department 13’s advanced military counter drone technology, MESMER®, transformed into a commercial drone management system. Revolutionary real-time drone awareness and management solutions set a new industry standard of self-policing, risk management and compliance. A long-time leader…
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Drones taking off in energy industry

Energy companies, facing a future of lower oil prices, are increasingly adopting drones to inspect offshore drilling rigs and other operations as they seek to increase efficiency, cut costs and improve worker safety. This development has provided a growing market for companies that provide drones and develop the software to collect and manage data gathered…
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Attorney General Barr Issues Guidance to Protect Facilities from Unmanned Aircraft and Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Today, Attorney General William P. Barr issued Guidance to Department of Justice components regarding counter-unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS) actions authorized under the Preventing Emerging Threats Act of 2018 (the Act). “This guidance was the product of extensive collaboration between the Department of Justice, the Department of Transportation and the FAA,” said Attorney General William P….
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Drones Take Flight to Carry Covid-19 Tests to Labs in Africa

THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC has frozen much of the world’s aviation system, grounding fleets, shredding balance sheets, and stopping production lines as passenger demand craters. But in Ghana, a new fleet of aircraft took flight on Friday in an effort to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus. These small drones, operated by US startup Zipline,…
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WA police to use drones to enforce coronavirus restrictions

An unprecedented hard border closure and police drones will be used to help enforce public gathering restrictions in WA during the coronavirus pandemic, while some travellers quarantining in hotels may be forced to pay. Premier Mark McGowan said a harder border closure – likely to be in place by next week – would prevent the…
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