Department 13 is proud to have partnered with Lockheed Martin Australia’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Leadership and Research Laboratory (STELaRLab), as a key technology partner, to develop Agile Shield – an integrated system, designed to detect and defeat improvised threats in a complex environment. 

This recent demonstration of Agile Shield at the state-of-the-art Endeavour Centre in Canberra is indicative of the collaborative nature of the industry in supporting the Australian Defence Force and similar defence orientated government departments, engaging Australian-sovereign capbilities. 

STELaRLab’s work on Agile Shield demonstrates the art-of-the-possible, and the role innovative, cross-disciplinary research and development can play in helping Australia face the biggest security challenges of the future. 

Read more about the project, here.

Lockheed Martin Australia’s STELaRLab partnered with DSTG and local industry to complete a successful demonstration of the Agile Shield improvised threat detection system at the state-of-the-art Endeavour Centre in Canberra.

The protection of sites, assets and people is a priority for commercial enterprises, governments, defence and critical infrastructure sites around the globe.

Department 13’s newest drone detection system Scout13 uses a combination of radio frequency and protocol comprehension to observe up to 5km of airspace, providing the highest level of intelligence on unauthorised drones invading monitored areas.

This innovative technology enhances surveillance and security teams, collecting radio frequency data, transmitting in real-time to the cloud-based central knowledge command centre for interpretation, tracking and intelligent response.

Data is verified through Department 13’s robust drone fingerprint library to detect, identify, attribute and locate drones within and around nearby airspaces.

Department 13 CEO Lee Croft says, “The product instantly enables informed strategic decisions regarding potential threats from airspace incursions that could compromise the safety and security of the monitored site.”

“Through instant and early threat detection, Scout13 can protect sites, assets and people anywhere in the world.”

Department 13 will be hosting a live Scout13 presentation showcasing their complete ecosystem of turn-key Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) and Counter Uncrewed Aerial Systems (C-UAS) systems on Wednesday 19 October 2022, Session 1 at - 8:30am AEST and Session 2 at - 5:30pm AEST.

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‘By 2050, there could be close to 7.5 million personal and commercial drones sailing through the European skies’ said SESAR, a European air traffic control infrastructure modernisation program.

The “bubble project” has kicked off to ensure there is a proper plan in place for airspace management (unmanned traffic management), so there are no collision incidents with the drones. The program involves a generated security bubble around each drone based on algorithms calculating the risk of collision.

To make site safety auditing efficient and simple, when combined with a drone management system our products Atlas and Scout, can correlate a live drone and controller with its accredited operator and registered flight mission, to deliver pre, post and in-flight operational awareness and audit functions.

Reported on Euro News: Read the entire article here.

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In the urban wetlands of Perth’s inner northeast suburbs, a large swarm of mosquitos have been a nuisance to the community for over 17 years. The local council has recently approved drones equipped with pesticides to fly over these targeted areas to combat the mosquitos taking over the wetlands, making it more pleasant to go for walks, sightseeing and various other outdoor activities within the area.

The council had previously trialed spraying the pesticide by foot but were unsuccessful due to sinking in the mud, making it unsafe for them to undertake this activity themself.

This is one of many examples where drones serve a great purpose to support communities in various ways.

Reported on ABC News: Read the entire article here.

Department 13’s Blackbird drones are one of the smartest drones available in the world. Smart, innovative and capable, each entity has unique mission requirements that the Blackbird can adapt to and deliver. Collaboration and integration create endless opportunities for AI in conjunction with the human management teams to deliver next level opportunities.

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Australia will soon fly surveillance drones over Antarctica. The new drone fleets will establish an eye in the region using integrated cameras and sensors allowing vision and data to be viewed in real time, for the use of climate research and environmental management.

Reported on BBC News: Read the entire article here.

See how Department 13 provides autonomous drone solutions for a variety of applications:

Our new state-of-the art Remote Operations Centre (ROC) was recently unveiled to support the increasing demand of for Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) drone operations across a range of industry sectors.

The ROC is capable of operating a range of drone platforms, with success recently illustrated by its state-of-the-art Nightingale Security Blackbird, one of the highest calibre and smartest drones in the world.

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