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Department 13 is the first Australian drone company to receive ACMA’s highest level of approval

Strengthening Australia’s sovereign drone capability, supporting government bodies and law enforcement
Enabling the protection of critical Australian infrastructure utilising Department 13’s C-UAS drone technology solution – Orion13

Department 13 is the first Australian drone company to be granted rights by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), the industry leader regulator, allowing it to be active, monitor and help protect restricted airways.

Leading C-UAS product Orion13 by Department 13 has been approved under ACMA’s innovation and industry development exemption framework which allows access to equipment banned under the Radio Communications Act 1992.

The determination exempts possession and operation of the C-UAS Orion13 devices by specified persons and approved contractors to facilitate training, testing and maintenance activities, meaning drone mitigation for safety and protection is now possible.

Department 13’s CEO Darren Gillam says, “Heightening of airspace observation management is now officially approved and available at a critical time for Australia as we start to move towards a new world of technology and intelligence. This decision highlights the importance of partnerships that can merge very particular skill sets and knowledge - such as drone technology, air safety and surveillance - to address integral operation areas that require the development of advanced intelligence and protection systems and ensure we can help Australia’s safety and security stay ahead of the curve from future threats”.

As a leader in drone technology, this exemption and strong working relationship with ACMA, will enable Department 13 to assist Australia in significantly improving the monitoring and protection of airspaces above critical infrastructure and a broader spectrum of client works.

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