Operational AwarEness


Atlas is Department 13’s cloud-based drone management platform. It facilitates live monitoring on all drone activity within your operational area and allows a user to instantly differentiate between known and unknown drones, delivering real-time awareness of potential risks or threats from unauthorised drones and operators.

Department 13’s Scout sensors listen for the unique radio frequency patterns that UAS (unmanned aerial systems) and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) emit, including drones and their operators. Scout correlates these signals against Department 13’s comprehensive library of drone fingerprints. Once a unique UAV fingerprint is detected, Scout sends alerts and starts logging the activity and information in Atlas.

Atlas and Scout work together to form Australia’s leading drone observation system. They seamlessly integrate to monitor and detect drone threats in your airspace within a five- kilometre radius, giving you the ability and advantage to respond before any damage can be done

Unparalleled situational awareness
Instant intelligence assessment
Available as a cloud-based or locally hosted, air-gapped deployment
Real-time location and flight paths
Data logging and summary reports for easy forensics
Phone, tablet & desktop UI

Why Atlas?

Flexible deployment options. Atlas is available as a cloud-based system or locally hosted as an air-gapped solution. It is accessible through a web browser, at any time.

Constant evolution. Our Atlas database is always growing and learning new drone signatures and unique identifications o through Department 13’s Machine Learning capabilities.

No false positives. The Scout sensors monitor the unlicensed radio frequency (RF) bands used by UAS and UAVs. This language, known as a protocol, is unique for each manufacturer and sometimes even specific models. Our software and algorithms recognise these unique protocols from background RF noise and ensures the system only returns verified data.

On the ground and in the air. In many instances the Atlas system can detect the sUAS operator (pilot) as well as the drone, even before the drone even leaves the ground.

Aggregated visibility. Multiple Scout sensors input data to the Atlas server, allowing users to log in and see what is happening across multiple locations and sites, regardless of the user’s location (on-site or anywhere off-site and around the world).

Reporting and History. Atlas provides detailed information about drone activity and history. Heat maps and flight replays provide additional insights into activity within your site.

Know what and who is in your airspace 
before they even know they’ve been detected.

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