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After half a decade protecting soldiers and civilians from improvised explosive devices (IED) and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) threats in war zones, Department 13 developed ATLAS13 and SCOUT13, an intelligent drone sensor system, to provide unparalleled situational awareness for civilian applications.

(SUAS), commonly known as drones, can be both hugely beneficial and dis-proportionally damaging to businesses and the community. Our new commercial products are designed to deliver real-time operational awareness, lower your risk, and assist you with compliance.

SCOUT13 = Detection.
Scout sensors collect radio frequency data, which transmits in real-time to the system’s cloud-based central knowledge command center, Atlas, for interpretation and intelligent response. Scout correlates signals against Department 13’s MESMER® Enhanced Deployable Software (MEDS), a  library of drone fingerprints built up over five years. Once a unique (SUAS) fingerprint is detected, Scout sends alerts and logs drone activity in Atlas.

ATLAS13 = Operational awareness
Atlas maps the activity and allows the user to whitelist known drones, as well as blacklist potential threats. Unlike many telematics systems from UAV manufacturers, our ecosystem can identify (SUAS) from multiple vendors. Atlas can collect data from other detection platforms such as radar, lidar, acoustical and optical systems, and it integrates with autonomous security systems like the Nightingale Security Blackbird drone. Atlas is available as a cloud-based or locally hosted deployment.

Safety and compliance
When Atlas and Scout are combined with a drone management system, Atlas can correlate a live drone with its accredited operator and registered flight mission, to deliver pre, post and in-flight operational awareness and audit functions, making site safety and audit efficient and simple.

Real-time situational awareness

Atlas13 screen displays

Key Features







  • Detect (SUAS) regardless of size.
  • Detects controller and drone.
  • Does not require line of sight.
  • Multiple sensors can network together.
  • Identifies unique drone, manufacturer, and model IDs.
  • Plug and play, self contained hardware unit.
  • Available as temporary or fixed installations.
  • Data logging for forensics.
  • Instant intelligence assessment delivered about detected drones.
  • Location and flight paths are shown in real-time.
  • Drone and controller locations and home points are shown in historical views.
  • Unparalleled situational awareness.
  • Radio direction finder for enhanced location capability.
  • Available as a SaaS or locally hosted, air-gapped deployment.

What are we protecting?

Many enterprises, public safety agencies, and contractors are using drones for good, whether that be infrastructure inspections, first responder support, professional photography and videography, and many other uses. As the use of (SUAS) rapidly grows, it is critical to know everything that is happening in the airspace over your assets to ensure safety, security, and regulatory compliance, as well as to lower insurance costs and minimise your liability.

In that same airspace, drones for bad can represent an asymmetrical threat to your critical infrastructure, sporting events, prisons, outdoor concerts, airports, corporate campuses, and any other secure site. In a matter of seconds, drones costing less than a big-screen TV can fly over fences, vehicle barriers, security cameras, and personnel, carrying high-risk payloads, such as a video recorder to record intellectual property,  contraband, explosives, and listening or network hacking devices. The security risk is very real.

Critical infrastructure protection.
Autonomous surveillance and alert response.
Minimising onsite risk.

Why Department 13?

See more. Atlas and Scout detect drones from multiple vendors at any time, watching more than just your own fleet. See your contractors at work, and see accidental or deliberate unauthorised flights over your assets.

Constant evolution. Our Atlas database is always growing and learning new drone signatures.

No false positives. The Scout sensors monitor the unlicensed radio frequency (RF) bands used by (SUAS) for communication between UAV and controller. This language, known as a protocol, is unique for each manufacturer and sometimes even specific models. Our MEDS software and algorithms pick out the unique protocols in its library from background RF noise, only identifying known protocols.

On the ground and in the air. The Scout sensors RF long-range detection, combines with accurate data knowledge, thereby avoiding false positives and providing exceptional situational awareness by detecting and tracking drones in the air and, in many instances, before the drone even leaves the ground.

Aggregated visibility. Multiple Scout sensors input data to the Atlas server and graphical interface, allowing users on-site or anywhere in the world to see what is happening across multiple locations.

Real-world scenarios where Atlas13 and Scout13 has or could have assisted

    • Emergency services and first responders using drone systems to save lives and reduce risk
      New advanced drone technology is helping emergency services and first responders to aid rescues, survey damage and risk, find stranded survivors and drop emergency supplies. Department 13’s reliable technology is innovative and fully customisable to enable the development of an invaluable addition to almost any operation around the globe. 
    • Sensors and counter sUAS ensure Super Bowl can proceed
      Drone hunters confiscate (SUAS) ahead of Super Bowl to send a warning about any unauthorised flights around the stadium while temporary flight restrictions in place to protect patrons, players, and infrastructure. Scout sensors create a secure perimeter around the stadium to detect and manage any unauthorised sUAS activity – even before a drone can launch from the ground.

How can I purchase Atlas13 and Scout13?

Our enterprise solutions suit a wide range of applications. Department 13 understands the drone economy and client requirements for adaptable and reconfigurable equipment that can be regularly upgraded to manage drones and technology advancements. We thrive on innovative collaborations with our existing and new product partners to ensure all unique requirements are met.

Our technical sales team are standing by to answer all your questions.

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