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Three people killed from suspected drone attack

A key oil facility in Abu Dhabi was targeted in a suspected drone attack, killing three people, and resulting in a separate fire at Abu Dhabi’s international airport.

The attack, believed to be executed by Yemen’s Houthi rebels, has been condemned by government officials globally.

Reported on Aljazeera: Read the entire article here.

How Department 13's advanced technology could assist to recognise and counteract this potential threat:

  • Department 13’s MESMER counter drone technology is a safe and effective, defence grade solution that detects, identifies, and mitigates drone activity within a monitored area.
  • When sensors detect unauthorised drone activities within the secured perimeter, MESMER automatically identifies the invader and intelligently selects and applies appropriate strategies to inhibit the threat and can issue an immediate alert to systems or staff.
  • MESMER can utilise its manipulation to take control of a target drone or controller, either automatically or on the operator’s command.

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