Our state-of-the-art Australian Remote Operations Centre (ROC) has the technology to support the increased demand for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone operations around Australia 24/7 for a vast range of clients in varying official and confidential sectors.

The ROC is capable of operating a range of drone platforms and was designed to meet the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s (CASA) rigorous specifications for safe use and control of a remote cockpit.

These specifications ensure the ROC’s flight, communications, and information systems are sufficiently robust to endure redundancy impacts in worst-case scenarios.

Global reach
Safe use

Why ROC?

BVLOS refers to the operation of drones at distances outside of a pilot’s normal visible line of sight. As visual sight is the primary means by which pilots determine safe path execution, developing systems to safely fly drones BVLOS requires advanced communication and control systems to identify airborne threats and vulnerable ground areas. 

Department 13’s UAS pilots hold a range of specialist aviation certifications, are experts in the field of BVLOS operations, and are trained and approved to operate all ROC platforms.

When ROC is paired with Department’s highly specialised eco-system of products, Department 13 delivers a complete airspace management and protection service for Australia and further afield, that is fully customisable, effective and backed by defence and governments around the globe.

Let us actively monitor your Australian UAS fleet 24/7 with our specialist UAS and BVLOS pilots.

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