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  1. Department 13 Joins the EDGE Innovation Network

    Comments Off on Department 13 Joins the EDGE Innovation Network Department 13 Joins the EDGE Innovation Network Highlights:
    • D13 joins global innovation group
    • MESMER counter drone system to become commercially available by December 2016
    Perth, WA and Columbia, Maryland USA: Department 13, (ASX: D13) Department 13 announced today it has joined the EDGE® Innovation Network, a collaborative, open-environment initiative enabling industry and academia, with government input, to work together to enhance the delivery cycle of new technologies and innovative capabilities to military personnel, law enforcement and first responders. Jonathan Hunter, CEO of Department 13 said, “The EDGE Innovation Network is a prestigious group of technology and product companies and our invitation to join this group validates our position as the world’s leading counter-drone technology company.  Our participation within the EDGE Innovation Network will help to expand awareness and deployment of MESMER, the world’s first effective and proven Counter-Drone Solution technology, which becomes commercially available in December 2016.   MESMER detects, identifies, tracks and mitigates hostile and nuisance drones within the national security and public safety community and through our global sales and distribution network we are already experiencing strong demand from national governments, security and military agencies and leading infrastructure organizations.” Pete Palmer, director of the EDGE Innovation Network said, “The global network of EDGE Innovation Centers offers an ecosystem for the rapid development of technologies, products and systems that close capability gaps for government end users.” General Dynamics Mission Systems is the lead technology partner of the EDGE Innovation Network.  There are 18 EDGE Innovation Centers worldwide and over 500 EDGE members. More information can be found online at This news follows on from the recent oversubscribed placement to institutional investors to raise $6.5million before costs to accelerate commercial release of Mesmer Counter Drone Systems be December 2016 to address demand for an immediate effective counter drone solution.
  2. Why the name MESMER?

    Comments Off on Why the name MESMER? One of the first questions we get here at Department 13 is why we named our counter autonomous system product MESMER. Most people assume that it is some sort of acronym. Actually it’s the name of German physician named Franz Friedrich Anton Mesmer (May 23, 1734 to March 5, 1815). Mesmer became famous for his idea that all living creatures emanated an energetic field that could be effected by each other called animal magnetism and then latter mesmerism. Mesmer’s ideas are often paralleled to the concept of Chi (Qi) in Chinese medicine as well as hypnotism; a technique derived from Mesmer’s initial practices. So when we started to develop our platforms capabilities to perform protocol manipulation, which is in some ways analogous to hypnotism where we attempt to confuse or bend the targeted drone to our will, we decided it to name it after the grandfather of hypnotism; Mesmer.